New domain zone of the Russian Federation, or how to make money out of nothing (mega investigation)

A couple of years ago, and maybe a little more, the Internet had such a “theme” as a national domains. In particular it was possible to read about Chinese domain names, and then followed by reflections why not create Cyrillic. I, of course, difficult to assess what guided the creators of this trend, but from both normal user no longer seemed an attempt to realize their desire and any personal ambitions in the style of “if the Chinese had done so, then why can not we.” How else to argue desire to enter Cyrillic domains I do not understand.

And if, say, the same China, it seems to me, just logically approached for this kind of project due to some “national motives” out there even Google had a problem, which alone is worth the “Great Chinese firewall” with filtering of the Internet and etc. That is, they have there very different priorities and values or something, but why bother cloning “incomprehensible” idea, to try to “close and narrow the” availability of Internet projects at a time when there are quite reasonable and positive trends of globalization.

Knowing the mentality and habits of some domestic workers, I can almost certainly reject the idea of some kind of imperial ambition, self-affirmation at the expense of such a move, given one important fact – for the domain market worth a lot of money.

Yes, of course, the number of domain names is not unlimited, and each time, We create a new project, I think you are faced with this problem. Therefore, in principle, the expansion of domain zones, the desired task, but only if it is really good, and not for the purpose of making money.

In fact, now you can choose a domain name for any project, and taking into account any wishes sites registrars are also areas for all tastes – international, by country, by type of companies, exotic, etc. But some of this is not enough – cut dough is endless.

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