Change the domain administrator for domain was registered in the company Freehost and decorated to the last owner. So, what has been done.

1. I wrote a query in those. support which notified the company that bought the site and would like to change the Nic-handle on your own.

Nic-handle – a reference to the record, which is available in the database of an organization governing the activities on the Web. This database contains information about the organization or person: name (name), e-maіl address, phone number, address.

2. Thereafter, those. support Freehost sent to the post office past owner to replace the nic-handle. He needed to print a small request, include your name, sign it and send it back by fax or e-mail in scanned form.

In my case, without the “adventure has not done” – somehow after a while again checking Nic-handle and found the old data. After this re-applied to the service of those. support, putting the last scan application administrator (which he sent to me), and a request to investigate the situation completely. For some time the domain was already with my Nic-handle.

Change domain registrar

Then I wanted to change the domain registrar, gathering a couple of their addresses in one place – They have a couple of times there were different events, which for me was a set tariff Gold and very reasonable prices for domains This is what I wrote in the blog – read an article where and why I register domains. In the FAQ section is a description of the procedures to transfer a domain

You need to use the menu Transfer domain. Enter your domain, confirm the desire to transfer the domain and follow the instructions. Warning! You are kindly requested to inform the current registrar of the domain you wish to transfer to the registrar NIC.UA (ua.drs, “Service Online», Service Online LLC) and depending on the domain registrar to request the current authorization code (auth-code) for the transfer of the domain.

Among Freehost, as far as I can remember, I have nothing further to fill did not need to, I just sent them a request in those. support Quote this transfer procedure, have their user names in the required domain and asked to be moved to After some time I received a letter stating that the translation was done.

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